As a chronic insomniac, I have tested just about every available sleep aid on the market. Many are ineffective, addictive, or while they may succeed in helping me fall asleep, they leave me feeling awfully drowsy in the morning. This is why I am truly grateful to have found this natural relaxation supplement. I have been taking if for six months and find that it really promotes the necessary relaxation I need to fall asleep, and with no lingering effect of drowsiness in the morning, I can now function optimally. Thank you so much for this wonderful supplement!



I feel better when I take these – better mood, more energy. Also because they became a part of my routine I was able to stay on track better with the plan too. I have been planning out what meals I’ll make in advance and then the times I’ll take the supplement before each meal.



I take this every evening and it has helped with sleep. Having had issues with peri-menopausal sleep disturbance I found this supplement to aid in getting a full nights rest. Instead of waking up after three hours I know can sleep 7 hours!

V Jones


Iv’e been following the life transforming diet for 1 year seeing great results. It’s so great to see how smart Maimonides was in his time and still being so relevant today. I have been taking the natural stress and anxiety relief vitamins for 4 months now. I feel totally confident that the ingredients are safe and natural and I am sleeping better and can be certain the full benefits of the vitamin are working. Looking forward to more products from Bio-Herbal Tech in the near future.



I’ve been using these supplements along with the diet (5 Skinny Habits) and I’m already seeing a change in my usual eating patterns. The habits help me stay on track, the supplements definitely help speed things along.



Have been using this product regularly for several months and find that it helps with restful sleep and reducing anxiety.



The Stress and Anxiety Relief was very helpful especially after a long day when all I wanted were some snacks. No side effects – just helped me relax and sleep easier.



I first ordered this about a month ago because I was having a lot of stress, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. You take one an hour before going to sleep, and it begins to have a positive relaxing effect on your nerves; you are able to fall (and stay) into a very deep sleep. The herbs seem to have a lasting effect, as you still retain a certain calmness the following day. Something I didn’t expect to experience was appetite suppression; this really helps with emotional eating (something I have struggled with for many years). The best part is that you don’t feel nauseous or unable to consume food; you simply lose the compelling urge to eat.

Le Chantal


These really worked for appetite control, I noticed a difference right away. Instead of over eating at lunch and dinner, I felt fuller faster, and didn’t feel the need for second or third helpings.



As a chronic nighttime over eater, I had really a positive experience with the Stress Relief supplements. It suppressed my nighttime cravings for sweets while watching TV!



  • 100% Natural Supplements – GMP certified, Made in USA, Star-K Kosher
  • Based on centuries of research from Hippocrates to Maimonides, and the most current herbal science.
  • Research from doctors and scientists for the best natural ingredients.
  • Recommended doses, making it easy and practical to include multiple ingredients.
  • Recommended by the best-selling Life Transforming Diet & 5 Skinny Habits Diet

Natural Stress Relief

750 MG Vegetarian Capsules (100 mg Valerian Root, 100 mg L-Theanine, 150 mg Rose Hips, 100 mg Borage, 125 mg Lavender, 75 mg Passion Flower Per Capsule) Kosher, Made in USA, GMP Certified


Natural Appetite Control

750 MG Capsules (600 mg Glucomannan, 300 mg Apple Pectin, 130 mg 5-HTP, 100mg 4:1 Triphala, 100 mg Grape seed extract, 6mg Zinc, 40 mg Lemon Peel Per Serving). Kosher, Made in USA, GMP Certified


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